bio + clients

Like most kids (that grew up before playstation) Stijn’s love for images started with comic books and television. His first proper job was filming for a local tv station (aside from washing dishes at the local restaurant). After an audiovisual course Stijn decided he wanted to focus on the single frame. He promptly got accepted at the art school in Utrecht and studied photography for five years, during which he started doing commissioned assignments. He lived in L.A. from 2002 until 2006 where he learned photography as a craft and fine tuned his skills.
Stijn is focussed on commercial photography and has also recently rediscovered his first proper job and started directing commercials.

Stijn worked for clients like KLM, Air France, XS4ALL, Blackstone, KRO-NCRV, BNN-Avro, Centraal beheer, Orange, NYT Magazines, Boomerang, Details, W, Horeca Nederland, Cinedans, Miss Etam